Infection Control Training & Certification for Contractors

You have a lucrative relationship with a hospital and it is critically important that you recognize the impact your employees might have in a sterile environment. Whether you are in construction, food service, or provide some other important activity, the hospital needs your employees trained and certified on the dangers and threats of infection.

People’s lives depend on this knowledge and your cooperation will help insure a solid relationship between what you are doing and how you are doing it with your hospital client.

Infection Control University will charge a onetime setup fee of $100 and then it is $58 per contractor employee annually because it is an annual requirement.


For a flat rate of $58 per employee per year, you’ll receive a one-year certification for institutions that require their contractors are trained in Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention. Choose to pay annually or monthly by selecting one of the options below. All transactions are secured by 2048-bit encryption. Please call with any questions 636-273-1319.

Choose your payment option below:


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    Contractor “Awareness and Bloodborne” HAI Training & Certification – Annual Subscription

    $58/year (paid annually) and one-time $100.00 sign-up fee Sign Up Now

Setup fees:

Pricing includes a one-time $100 setup fee for configuring your training platform, importing employee/contractor data and communicating with your team. On your annual renewal date, you will NOT be charged any additional setup fees, just the per-contractor rate.

Number of Contractors Employees Onetime Setup Fee Annual Fee Total Amount
1 $100 $58 $158
2 $100 $116 $216
3 $100 $174 $274
4 $100 $232 $332
5 $100 $290 $390


Successful completion of the online training modules comes with an Infection Control certification that will solidify your standing with the hospital, help educate your employees with a host of valuation infection management techniques and add to your own organization’s protection from costly litigation.

The Very-Real Threat of Healthcare Associated Infections:

Make no mistake, controlling the spread of dangerous infections in hospitals is a major challenge. The CDC says about 1 in 25 hospital patients has acquired a healthcare-associated infection. These infections cost hospitals over $30.5 billion annually, an expense shared by healthcare systems, insurance companies and their policy holders alike.

With proper training from Infection Control University, your employees will learn how to minimize these risks and costs. Infection Control is so very important and for a modest investment your organization and employees can drastically improve their knowledge levels.

Meeting CDC protocols enforces safer work practices, keeps health facilities safer and provides proof of certified training.