What are my costs?

Hospitals pay nothing to have their contractors tested and certified.

What will this program do for our organization?

  • Give you a program with an infection control awareness certification
  • Meet CDC protocol
  • Help you provide a safer, healthier facility
  • Give you a mechanism to enforce safer work practices


How hard is it to access the training?

Our program is available to your employees and contractors 24/7 via cloud-based internet as well as from any smart device.

Are there updates regularly provided?

Our program is an active training environment with monthly updates and inclusion of new regulations and topics on a regular basis.

Will this impact our compliance requirements?

Infection Control University will capture the results of your entire work force with a state of the art Learning Management System and, with the successful completion of the program, will certify them.

Should this training replace our Infection Control Risk Assessment?

No. Our forms and information will assist you in meeting your ICRA plan. Even so, you need careful coordination between the Infection Control Practitioner, Safety Office, Director of Facilities, Director of Construction and other department heads to craft your own comprehensive plan.